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Get high-quality lighting from a trusted outdoor lighting company

Imagine pulling up to a colorfully lit home all year long or lighting your business with bright lights that attract more customers. Vivid Lights installs outdoor LED lighting systems that allow you to personalize the way you light your home or building. As the only Gemstone lights dealer based out of Jerome, ID and serving the surrounding areas including Twin Falls and Boise, ID, our outdoor lighting company provides all of the installation, setup and replacement services you need.

Benefits of exterior lighting

Adding LED lights to the outside of your home or office building can be very beneficial. With Gemstone outdoor LED lighting systems, you can:

Make your business stand out
A well-lit building will draw attention to your business and create a welcoming environment for guests.

Add security to your property
An exterior lighting system can make your building a little safer by deterring thieves and intruders.

Increase your home's curb appeal
Custom color outdoor lighting can add to your home's exterior charm and make it unique, even at night.

Contact our professional outdoor lighting company based in Jerome, ID and serving the surrounding areas including Twin Falls and Boise, ID today to get started on your custom outdoor lighting installation. Call 208-308-5457 today.

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With Our Intelligent Controller and App, the Possibilities are Nearly Endless

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Easy to Use, Full-Colour Spectrum

Individually Addressable Lights

Individually Addressable Lights

Pre-set Patterns and Animations

Pre-set Patterns and Animations

Set Timers for any Season or Event

Set Timers for any Season or Event

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Control your lights from anywhere

Gemstone lights come with a mobile app that allows you to control your lights from your smartphone. This easy-to-use feature offers:

  • A full-color spectrum so you can customize the color of your lights.
  • Control of each individual light to create unique color patterns.
  • Multiple timer settings for different seasons and holidays.
You'll never have to worry about climbing up on a ladder to fix your lights. If anything goes wrong, you can take advantage of Gemstone's full five-year warranty. Reach out to us to learn more about our products.