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When you're making a change to your home, you want to make sure that you know all of the details. If you're getting an exterior lighting system from Vivid Lights in Jerome, ID or any of the surrounding areas including Twin Falls and Boise, ID, you may have questions about our product and installation process.

You can browse our FAQs below to learn about our innovative lights. Ask any other questions now by calling 208-308-5457.

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What is included in a full exterior lighting system installation? How long will it take?

Tracks are permanently attached to your building's soffit. Installation time depends on the project size, but most jobs are completed within a day.

What are the benefits of using gemstone and LED lights?

Our lights are energy-efficient and completely safe. Plus, they add beauty to your building.

Do you color-match the track?

Yes. We'll make your track to match your soffit and gutters, allowing it to remain hidden until the lights are turned on.

What happens if a light goes out?

Either you or one of our trained installers can remove the individual light and replace it without damaging surrounding lights.

How long will gemstone lights last?

Each light can run for an estimated 50,000 hours, meaning they could last for over 20 years, depending on use.

How does your system stand up to the elements in our area?

Your system will stay safe from wind, rain and snow, as it is waterproof and can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius.

How do I control the outdoor lighting once it's installed?

You can download our smart LED lighting system app to control your lights from any smartphone or tablet.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a full three-year parts and labor warranty.

Where are the lights placed on the house?

They are placed on your soffit or fascia to protect them from weather.

Our gemstone exterior lighting system is designed to fit your needs and last the test of time. Buy your own from Vivid Lights today. We're a premium gemstone lights dealer based in Jerome, ID and serving the surrounding areas including Twin Falls & Boise, ID.