Seamless and Reliable Outdoor Lighting Installation

Trust Vivid Lights to light up your Jerome or Twin Falls, ID property

Exterior lights are great year-round. With endless color and light design options, you'll be able to switch up your home's look whenever you want. Vivid Lights in Jerome & serving Twin Falls, ID specializes in custom outdoor lighting installation for homes and businesses. Our professionals will work with you to design your outdoor lighting system and ensure your home looks great at all times of the day.

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A professional alternative to DIY

A professional alternative to DIY

When installing lights around your home or business, Vivid Lights takes extra precautions to ensure a seamless and long-lasting outdoor lighting installation. Our experts have experience working with delicate siding and fascia materials and can install lights without damaging your building. We also have the tools and equipment to get to hard-to-reach places and attach lights in tight or awkward corners.

Reach out to us in Jerome, ID or Twin Falls to learn more about our colorful outdoor lighting installation process today.