Customize Your Building in Jerome, ID and the Greater Magic Valley Area including Twin Falls, ID or Boise, ID

With outdoor LED light customization from Vivid Lights

Any home or business can have outdoor lighting. Switch it up with custom color outdoor lighting from Vivid Lights based out of Jerome, ID and serving the surrounding areas including Twin Falls and Boise, ID. We can equip your home or business with high-quality Gemstone lights that offer unique outdoor LED light customization features. These completely customizable lights can make your business stand out and add charm to your home's exterior.

Speak with our professionals in Jerome, ID or Boise, ID or nearby to get your custom color outdoor lighting system today; call 208-308-5457.

Brighten up your curb appeal

Brighten up your curb appeal

Gemstone lights offer a lot of options to personalize your building's exterior. Some of the best outdoor LED light customization features include:

Customizable color schemes
Our Gemstone lights operate on a four-color panel that allows you to create any color scheme you want.

Unique light animations
Our lights come with a variety of preset patterns, jumps, fades and other mesmerizing light movements.

Multiple timer options
You can set multiple timers for different light sections during different times of the year or special occasions.

Gemstone lights allow you to have truly custom color outdoor lighting. Reach out to us today to learn more about our products.